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Korea Risk Group launches Consultative Services and Solutions

Korea Risk Group, the leading provider of news, analysis, and database solutions on the Korean peninsula, is excited to announce the launch of a comprehensive suite of consultative services and solutions. This strategic move aims to provide clients with even greater insights and support for their business activities, operations, and interests in both South and North Korea.

The newly introduced consultative services and solutions suite includes the following offerings:

  1. Korea Crisis and Risk Monitoring Service: Stay prepared and informed with our Korean Peninsula Crisis and Risk Monitoring Service, which focuses on providing real-time intelligence and analysis of potential crises and risks on the Korean peninsula. Our team of experts will help clients stay ahead of the curve, enabling them to make informed decisions and minimize the impact of unexpected events.
  2. Korea Business Intelligence and Due Diligence: Make informed decisions and mitigate risks with our Korea Business Intelligence and Due Diligence Service. This comprehensive offering is designed to help clients navigate the complex Korean business environment with confidence. Our team of experts will provide in-depth analysis, insights, and verification to support business expansion, investments, and partnerships in South Korea.
  3. Korea Autos Intelligence and Monitoring Service: Gain a competitive edge in the rapidly evolving automotive industry with our Korea Autos Intelligence and Monitoring Service. Gain exclusive insights into the latest trends, developments, and strategies of major and medium-sized players in South Korea’s automotive sector. Our comprehensive, data-driven intelligence will help clients make informed business decisions and investments.
  4. Korea Technology Watch Service: Stay ahead in the highly competitive technology industry with our Korea Technology Watch Service. This industry-specific product focuses on all developments by major and medium-sized players in the technology field. Our team will provide clients with up-to-date information, insights, and analysis, enabling them to identify new opportunities and potential risks in the dynamic Korean technology sector.
  5. Political Risk Assessment: Navigate the complex political landscape of the Korean peninsula with our Political Risk Assessment service. Our expert analysts will help clients understand the implications of political developments on their investments or operations. This service offers detailed analysis of the political environment, stakeholder dynamics, and potential policy changes that may impact business activities.

The launch of these new services highlights Korea Risk Group’s commitment to providing unparalleled insights and support to clients interested in the Korean peninsula. With access to some of the world’s leading North and South Korea experts and a strong reputation among government and business users, Korea Risk Group is uniquely positioned to offer these high-value consultative services.

“Our goal is to help clients better understand and identify risks and opportunities on the Korean peninsula,” said Chad O’Carroll, CEO of Korea Risk Group. “By expanding our offerings to include these consultative services, we’re confident that we can provide even greater value to our clients, supporting their growth and success in this dynamic and often challenging market.”

Korea Risk Group’s consultative services and solutions suite is now available to clients across various industries, including foreign governments, major banks, military, intelligence agencies, think tanks, universities, and research institutions.

To learn more about Korea Risk Group’s new suite of consultative services and solutions, please visit https://www.korearisk.com or contact us at [email protected].


Korea Risk Group Korea Risk Group is a U.S. Delaware-based C Corporation that focuses exclusively on helping clients understand and identify risk and opportunities on the Korean peninsula. With a team of dedicated experts and an extensive portfolio of news, analysis, and database solutions, Korea Risk Group has become the go-to source for businesses, governments, and institutions seeking insights into the complex and rapidly changing Korean market.

For more information, please visit https://www.korearisk.com or contact Melanie Ivey at [email protected]

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