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Specialist news, analysis and data platforms

Professionals working on Korea-related issues need much more than news. The NK Pro, Korea Pro and NK News platforms deliver best-in-class information and data minpulation tools to achieve all Korea-related goals.

Korea Risk Group information platforms are dedicated to dedicated to providing readers a single source to start their day, a forward-first focus on analysis, and the tools professionals need to make decisions related to the peninsula as quickly and confidently as possible.


NK Pro and Korea Pro cut through the growing Koreas noise to serve those needing quality, reliability and timeliness the most: the people on the frontlines of policy, business and research. 


NK Pro

  • Real-time and Comprehensive Analysis
  • Exclusive Events and Online Briefings
  • Unique Research Tools & Databases

Korea Pro

Up-to-date analysis on South Korea’s foreign relations, politics, society and economy. Comprehensive and daily news monitoring, as well as a weekly forward-look service. Exclusive events and briefings to keep you informed and facilitate networking among fellow professionals in your area.


NK News

NK News intend to bring authoritative North Korea news, opinion & analysis, and subject specialists together in one convenient place. Our team of specialists closely follow all developments in the DPRK, ranging from the political and military to social and culture, lervaging a trusted network of anonymous sources both inside and outside the country who regularly help us bring exclusive news and shape our analysis.

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