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Hows is Korea Risk Group funded?
How does Korea Risk Group acquire reliable information about the two Koreas?
Does Korea Risk Group have any links with government, business or academia?
What is the difference between Korea Pro, NK News and NK News Pro?
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Korea Risk Group is a for-profit registered C Corporation and generates its funding almost entirely through subscription sales and consulting services.

As a result of this financial model, Korea Risk Group is not formally affiliated with any stakeholders, which ensures 100% editorial independence and the ability to tackle any subject the team wishes to cover.

Korea Risk Group has a policy of not receiving government grants to subsidize or cover any of its operations.

KRG acquires information about North and South Korea in multiple ways:

  • Information, media and data provided by human networks
  • Analysis of recent satellite imagery
  • Analysis of open source photography and video
  • Testimony of current and former residents of the two Koreas
  • Interviews with international specialists and former workers in both nations
  • International media monitoring (English and foreign language media analysis)
  • Attendance and reporting of events and conferences about the two countries

NK Pro, Korea Pro, and NK News do not have commercial links with the fields of government, business, or academia beyond subscription contracts.

Aside from these commercial relationships, our journalists occasionally call on members of these communities to provide comments and analysis on recent developments in the DPRK.

Korea Pro is an ROK-focused analytic platform designed for governments and businesses working in or with South Korea. In addition to daily analysis about contemporary developments, it offers various newsletters to keep readers informed about current affairs.

NK Pro is a DPRK-focused information service designed for professionals working on North Korea issues. It complements their work with a wide range of research tools, databases, comprehensive media monitoring services and long-form, expert analysis on contemporary issues.

NK News is a DPRK-focused news magazine service designed to inform a wide range of stakeholders with articles presenting the latest news, analysis and expert opinion on the DPRK.

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