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Our Story

About Us


A Proven Track Record

Korea Risk Group (KRG) is a specialist information and analysis firm committed to delivering evidence-based news, qualified research and informed consulting services to clients around the globe.


Beginning in 2011, KRG specializes in matters directly and indirectly related to both South and North Korea and has a proven track record in tracking down hard-to-find information on both countries and delivering reliable insight to a wide range of client types.


KRG clients include major players from government, corporate, military, research, media and not-for-profit fields.

Core Values

Independent and Objective

KRG is managed and staffed by a team of Korea and regional experts.

They each have their own area of expertise and come from a range of supporting backgrounds, including military, foreign affairs, non-governmental agencies, and academia. To learn more about the KRG team please visit our Team page here.


If you would like to learn more about Korea Risk Group, subscribe to our services, or request an interview with one of our experts please send us a message at our Contact page today.


Unique Expertise

KRG is an independent for-profit U.S. corporation that serves both private sector and public entities from over 50 countries.

Clients rely on the informed analysis and research databases offered by Korea Risk Group’s specialist platforms to inform their decisions and policy in relation to operations on the Korean peninsula and in the wider Asia Pacific region.

These platforms include KRG’s industry-leading institutional services NK Pro and Korea Pro, and the number one news service for topics related to North Korea, NK News. To learn more about the services offered by KRG please visit the Solutions page.