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Korea Crisis and Risk Monitoring Service

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Korea Crisis and Risk Monitoring Service

Stay prepared and informed with our Korean Peninsula Crisis and Risk Monitoring Service, providing you with custom-leading indicators and regular briefing calls to discuss developments.

With a focus on military confrontation, heightened inter-Korean tensions, or other related geopolitical events that may disrupt business/government operations, we work with you to identify potential risks, assess their impact, and monitor contemporary development to help ensure business continuity.


Our team of experts closely follows domestic and regional developments and maintains an up-to-date understanding of the unique challenges facing the Korean peninsula. This allows us to provide you with comprehensive, real-time intelligence and analysis of potential crises and risks on the Korean peninsula, enabling you to make informed decisions and minimize the impact of unexpected events.

Risk Assessment

Identification and assessment of potential risks and crises on the Korean peninsula most likely to impact your operations, support on evacuation preparedness.

Crisis monitoring and alerts

Monitoring and analysis of peninsula and regional developments and geopolitical events that may impact your operations, including regular briefing calls with key security decision-makers.

Scenario Planning

Scenario planning and simulations to test the effectiveness of crisis response strategies, as well as to provide staff insight into best practise in similar foreign crisis areas.

Custom Reporting

Get customized reports and briefing notes produced on a regular basis for your team. Save time by allowing a trusted authority to collect and package information about key risk indicators.

Ongoing Advisory Support: Korea Risk

Leveraging the wide-ranging sources NK News and NK Pro has access to on both sides of the border, Korea Risk Group is uniquely positioned to offer regular and private briefing calls to security teams responsible for staff in or around the peninsula. During these calls, special attention is drawn to unpublished information at the unique disposal of KRG, risk assessments are provided, and questions may be fielded.

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