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Korea's growth is your opportunity

The two Koreas are more important to global decision-makers than ever before, and the peninsula’s importance is growing in both economic and security terms by the day.

Korea Risk Group’s (KRG) institutional product growth in sales to large organizations has been increasing rapidly but product development is being slowed due to constrained journalistic, analytic, and development capacities.

KRG believes that with the additional resources afforded through institutional investment, we will be able to accelerate our sales growth and significantly enhance existing profitability.

While NK Pro and NK News are among the most well-established North Korea-focused news and information services companies, a large amount of work remains ahead in developing and expanding the sister website, Korea Pro. As a result, KRG is currently seeking partners to catalyze the growth of Korea Pro on an accelerated basis.

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The Korean peninsula will never be less important than it is today. Consequently, Korea-focused news, information, consulting and data services are going to become more and more important for decision-makers around the world.

Korea Risk Group is already in the lead position within the North Korea information ecosystem. With the presence of a significant opportunity to expand further into the South Korea information space, KRG welcomes potential investors to get in contact.

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