Korea Risk Group | Korea Risk Group: Meet the team
Korea Risk Group is uniquely positioned to forecast risk on projects taking place both inside North Korea – or outside, where there is scope to be affected by North Korean actions.
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Meet the people behind the product

Korea Risk Group is uniquely positioned to help you forecast risk on projects taking place both inside North Korea – or outside, where there is scope to be affected by North Korean actions.


Chad O’Carroll – Chief Executive Officer

Chad O’Carroll is the Chief Executive Officer and founder of Korea Risk Group. He is a respected journalist and researcher with a specialization in North Korea. In addition to his responsibilities as Chief Executive of Korea Risk Group, O’Carroll is the Managing Director of the company’s institutional research and analysis platform, NK Pro.

Dr. Andrei Lankov – Director

Dr. Lankov is one of the world’s foremost experts and a widely published author in the field of Korean studies, in particular the DPRK. He has been a contributor to NK News for several years and joined the company exclusively in early 2017. He has been widely published in English, Russian, and Korean.


Leo Byrne – Director, Data & Analytics

Leo Byrne is one of the world’s leading data analysts conducting research on the DPRK. He has a specialization in trade and marine activities. Byrne’s work has been cited by numerous international governmental and non-governmental organizations and his investigations have made significant contributions to uncovering sanctions violations by the DPRK.

Minyoung Rachel Lee – Senior Analyst

Rachel Minyoung Lee is a senior analyst at NK Pro where she mainly examines the North Korean leadership, state media and propaganda. Prior to joining NK Pro, she worked as a senior North Korean media analyst for the U.S. Government.

Minyoung Lee

Oliver Hotham – Managing Editor

Oliver Hotham is the Managing Editor of Korea Risk Group’s news and research publications. He is responsible for the editorial operations and works with the management team to ensure editorial excellence. Hotham has been a contributing journalist to KRG’s NK News platform since 2013.

Dagyum Kate Ji – Senior Correspondent

Dagyum Kate Ji is a senior NK News correspondent based in Seoul, who writes primarily with a focus on inter-Korean relations. She previously worked for Reuters TV.


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