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Information on Korea Risk products and services

Korea Risk Group (KRG) provides clients with access to informed analysis, detailed research, timely news, and proprietary databases that are designed specifically for professionals working on issues related to the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) and the Korean peninsula at large.

These services are delivered primarily through KRG’s two online platforms, NK Pro and NK News. Through both services, clients receive access to the platform’s information services, respective data tools, and morning news aggregations. Through NK Pro, clients receive additional daily analysis and briefings, weekly summaries, access to proprietary databases, and weekly translations of curated news, analysis and opinion from Chinese, Japanese, South Korean and Russian media via our Foreign Media Monitor (FMM).

Institutional Platform: NK Pro

KRG’s flagship platform NK Pro is an institutional product designed for specialists that require detailed analysis and research to inform policy and operating decisions for their respective business or administrative activities. The platform is available for annual subscription on a user license basis.


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News Platform: NK News

KRG’s news service is independent, unbiased, and without agenda. Widely known and respected as the world’s leading news site on the DPRK, NK News is an independent outlet that publishes hard-hitting stories, unveiling sanctions violations, and delivering opinion from all sides of the Korean peninsula.


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